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Market research at its heart is all about people.  At Advantage Research, people are our passion.


Whether your qualitative research project requires the best participants in the Midwest, U.S., or world, Advantage Research is your go-to partner.  Our stringent and innovative recruiting techniques ensure you'll always get fresh respondents who provide the utmost insight and truly give you a feel for the "voice" of your current and prospective customers.

If you're looking to get a beat on the pulse of the Midwest, Milwaukee is the perfect place to do it.  Advantage Research's participant panel of over 60,000 unique households encompassing the entire greater Milwaukee metropolitan area will ensure you get exactly the respondent types you need.  

We're also here to be your partner for any data collection, tabulation, and data analysis assistance you may need. We can help you uncover the most cost efficient way to obtain a truly random sample of virtually any population of interest.  With decades of experience, we can help you solve the online, wireless, land line, and traditional mail puzzle.  Our relationship and experience with many different sample providers gives us a unique understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of various fielding techniques, along with strategies to overcome any obstacles.  At the onset of your project, contact Advantage Research and we'll assist in anyway we can.

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Participating in a market research study is a fun way to receive a cash incentive! 

We're always looking for people to participate in paid focus groups, shop-alongs, taste tests, in-home product tests, and much more.